I’ve always been fascinated with Sungei Wang Plaza. This is the place to go to if you don’t want to visit a replica of 15 other malls in the city. You can find anything from the cute to the extravagant, from trendy harajuku fashion to goth.

On the 6th floor of Sungei Wang Plaza is a little-known gem. No, I’m not talking about Green Box Karaoke where Jay Chou wannabes congregate. Neither am I referring to the shop selling the multi-coloured bikinis.

On the far end of the 6th floor, right next to the lifts, is a tong sui (chinese desserts) shop. The leaflet advertises the following (presumably direct translation from chinese): Desserts: Mark Jook, Ma Tai Lu, Mook See, Kufar Sam Su, Fun See, Mei Fun Min, Choon Fun, Put Chi Koo, Nasi Lemah, Loxi Fun Egg Tar, Wokok and Cared Kuih. *grin* If you can get past the ludicrous spelling, be prepared for a treat.

tong sui
If you do visit this place, you must try the tong sui. I had the pak kor foo chuk yee mai (gingko barley with foo chuk dessert) which, despite being a little watery, was full of flavour and not too sweet.

bak chang
char siew pau

Because it was lunch time, we decided to try the savoury items on the menu. Barbie had the bak chang, while Eeyore and I tried the char siew pau which had a substantial amount of pork filling which was not over-minced.

I also ordered a bowl of porridge which was served with lean meat, century egg and yau char kway. The generous portion of finely sliced ginger and spring onions, and a dash of sesame oil enhanced the flavour of the porridge. I was certainly pleased with this find.

It’s no wonder that Eeyore used to frequent this place twice a day for tong sui.

Scoop Ten Dessert House
No. 6F-38, 6th Floor, Sungei Wang Plaza, KL.