kurt cobain new

The Birth of an Idea

Imagine a room full of intoxicated people. One drunk starts a conversation about a funeral he just attended, and how impressed he was with the “Nirvana band” (Chinese funeral music). “They have their own bus too,” he says.

“A bus load of Nirvana musicians,” another drunk muses. “Was Kurt Cobain on board?” (An obvious reference to Nirvana, the rock band.)

“We should have our own Nirvana bus!” exclaims yet another drunk. “We can drive up to Penang and back and drink whisky all the way!”

The suggestion is met with a resounding AYE.


The Plan

The alcohol’s worn off, but the Idea remains.  A quotation for a bus is obtained.

bus pricing

“Who’s interested?”





We can’t decide between a 20 seater and a 40 seater. The response is overwhelming.


But There Were Glitches



And Then There Were Five



An unlikely group, bound together by the love of food.

After all, as they say in show business, the show must go on.


Five people climbed into a Nissan X-trail and headed to Penang for a weekend of gluttony.  Not quite a Nirvana Bus Tour, but so much work had been put into it that we had to make it happen even though we didn’t have the numbers.

Watch this space for stories of our Nirvana Not-Quite-A-Bus Tour to Penang.  July 17 to 19, 2009.