“Roti babi, roti babi, roti babi”, the words roll deliciously off my tongue.

It feels almost illegal to say it. I wonder if I should call it roti khinzir instead, but sanitizing a word doesn’t change its substance.

Despite having lived in KL for over 20 years, I was only just about to make my first trip to Yut Kee. Shedding the virginal blood, you might say. An almost sacred trip. I say almost, because there is usually nothing sacred about a pig. A cow, yes, but a pig…those poor animals that feed us every part of their bodies are treated like the dirt they wallow in. Then again, isn’t there a saying – as happy as a pig in a wallow?

yut kee

Established 1928. That’s what’s stated on their card. Definitely before I was born. Before dad was born. Probably about the time granddad was born. But then, granddad would have to be 13 when he had my dad if granddad was born in 1928, so I shall have to dispel that absurd thought from my head. Although people did get married at an early age then. Think Elizabeth Bennet. Then again, Elizabeth Bennet met Mr Darcy when she was…hmmm…20? She was already afraid of becoming an old maid.

Yut Kee and its famous roti babi. Literally translated: pig bread. I suppose I should call it pork bread, but somehow, pig bread feels more…unclean…..

roti babi

Imagine a soft bun filled with a concoction of fried pork, sliced onions and lup cheong (chinese sausages) and subsequently fried so that it has a crisp epidermis while the insides are still soft and fluffy. Sprinkle some Worchestershire sauce on the roti babi and you’ll be as happy as a dead pig in the sunshine.

pork chop

I wasn’t as ecstatic with my hainanese pork chops. The pork chops are served with a brown sauce cooked with mixed vegetables, onions and tomatoes and potatoes on the side. I found the pork chops too dry and the sauce too watery. The chicken chop, on the other hand, despite lacking in flavour, had a moist texture.

I hear that the roti served with kaya is really good too, so perhaps in future, I shall not expect too much from the omnivores swines.

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Yut Kee Restaurant

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Business Hours: 8.00am – 5.00pm (Monday off)