Snow Crab
“Take me to your leader”, the Snow Crab whispered in a hypnotic voice.

“Never!”, I silently screamed. “My leader will not die a virgin.”

Alaskan Crab
Snow Crab’s bodyguard, the Alaskan Crab, covered in warts, moved menacingly forward. I retreated, seeing how he had flattened his accomplice. I didn’t want to be Alaskan Crab’s next dinner; au contraire, I wanted him to be mine. But I knew I had no chance. At RM218 per kg, he was too expensive to be my next meal. They may have won the battle this time, but they weren’t going to win the war. I wonder where my piggy bank is.

It was Pretty Pui’s birthday that night, and we were on a mission to eat crabs. Our last crab expedition (also the catalyst to this blog) was several months ago, and we were feeling desperate.

ying yong kailan
Having done our research before coming, we knew that we had to order the Ying Yong Kailan. Interesting name for an unassuming vegetable. The leaves were finely shredded and fried to a crisp together with a liberal amount of tiny anchovies and what appeared to be thinly sliced cuttlefish. They are then stir fried with the stems. A little on the salty side due to the anchovies and cuttlefish, but nevertheless, extremely tasty.

pork ribs
The pork ribs (coated with flour and deep fried) priced at RM4.80 per rib, was difficult to manoeuvre with chopsticks, so we resorted to using our fingers. This is how it is done (preferably with eyes closed to ensure full utilisation of the other senses – taste, scent….):

Everyone agreed that the ribs were very good.

salted egg yolk crab

The salted egg yolk crab was fried with a generous amount of salted egg yolk in a dry sauce. The best way to eat it is to lick the shell first (sorry, no demo picture), then savour the flesh.

Thumbs up again.

claypot butter crab
I’ve tasted so many versions of butter crab that I’m now confused as to which version ought to be the correct one. At times like this, I have to resort to using my own judgement, and tastebuds, to decide what is good. The claypot butter crab dish looked promising. The sauce was liberal and thick, but Smokin’ SOB pronounced it similar to the dhal curry which he had with his roti canai yesterday evening. So it appeared like they had added curry powder to the sauce. Perhaps they wanted to serve a spicy version of this dish. However, the sauce was diabetics-inducing, and I would have preferred it less sweet.

fried rice


Instead of ordering plain rice, we asked for a plate of yong chow fried rice and man tow (buns), perfect for soaking up the sauces.

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