Congratulations to the team behind theQguides.com for successfully launching an online restaurant reservations portal that is set to simplify the dining process by eliminating inconsistent variables at the booking stage (like recipients at the other end of the phone line who don’t speak a word of English, or missing reservations, or being put on hold while listening to elevator music).  All you have to do is register once, then upon successful registration, you can browse through their “list of bookable restaurants” and with a simple click of a button, the job is done.  When Bald Eagle and I travelled to the UK and Spain recently, we used a similar website in the UK called Toptable.com which helped us save $$ in making expensive phonecalls.  Gotta love the internet.

Also, congratulations to Fay Khoo on her latest concise food guide to KL’s eateries called Best Eats.  When I first met Fay several months back, my initial reaction was – Wow, this girl can talk a monkey into eating its young!  And she can EAT.  There’s nothing worse than a foodie who merely nibbles, but this girl Fay, she loves her carbs.  Great book, looking forward to more guides that cover out-of-KL makan places too.



The launch party was held at TwentyOne Kitchen+Bar, Changkat Bukit Bintang.   For more pictures and writeup, check out MrCheong’s blog.

First picture – courtesy of Frat Mustard, the face of theQguides.com and the man whose ambition is to grow Malaysia’s food and beverage industry.
Collages – courtesy of Eric Cheong, an amazingly talented photographer.