Finalists: eatshowandtell, awhiffoflemongrass, ladyironchef, kitchencow and ieatishootipost

For those who have been following my blog and tweets, you will know that I was away at Singapore from 23 to 26 October for the first ever Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards.  I was a little overwhelmed at being in the midst of so many great bloggers from Singapore, Australia, The Philippines and Malaysia, but for a whole 10 minutes before the announcement of the winner was made, I can honestly say that I really wanted to win.  Not for the spike in traffic, because a quick glance will show you that I don’t make a cent from this blog.  Not for the glamour of being tagged a winner, because hey, there’s only so much of glamour one can revel in when one is an old fart.   I guess, deep down, I just wanted to kiss the host, Allan Wu, and the only way I was going to do that was to win the damn award.   Sadly, it was Xiaxue who got to touch him 3 times, and Kenny Sia, a close second with one legitimate opportunity to be up on stage, and the other, a Kanye West moment.

But, it was not meant to be (kissing Allan Wu and winning the award).  I’m not terribly upset, though.   The better man won.   I can live with that.

The good doctor refused to eat his spinach, so the food bloggers decided to teach him a lesson

Congratulations, Dr Leslie Tay of ieatishootipost, on winning Best Food Blog.   Allan Wu didn’t kiss you, which is a pity, but you’re a winner in my books in every other aspect.   To the other finalists – eatshowandtell, Kitchen Cow (my roomie!) and Ladyironchef (my date!), it was lovely meeting you and an honour to be in the same category as you.

Finalists at the Awards

The list of winners is as follows (I took the liberty to cut and paste this from the good doctor’s blog…gracias):

  • Best Blogshop: bonitochico.livejournal.com
  • Best Food Blog: ieatishootipost.sg
  • Best Fashion Blog: ladymelbourne.blogspot.com
  • Best Parenting Blog: childhood101.blogspot.com
  • Best Travel Blog: ironwulf.net
  • Best Celebrity Blog: joannepeh.com
  • Best Entertainment Blog: kennysia.com
  • Best Geek Blog: mrgadget.com.au
  • Best Hidden Gem: dedoodleblog.blogspot.com
  • Best Original Blog Design: xiaxue.blogspot.com
  • Most Influential Blog: xiaxue.blogspot.com
  • Region’s Best Blog: xiaxue.blogspot.com
  • On a more serious note, I’d like to thank Nuffnang for making this happen for me, and all my friends and readers who voted for me and believed in me even when I felt like giving up before the competition commenced.   It was hard to feel enthusiastic when I knew that there were many more deserving blogs out there that didn’t make the list.  In Singapore, I did my best to proclaim the fact to anyone who would listen to me.   When asked which was the best food blog in Malaysia, I rattled off my list, without hesitation – Masak-Masak, KYSpeaks, Kampungboycitygal, BabeinthecityKL….all amazing food blogs written by people whom I respect and look up to.  My secret of sustenance – good friends, with or without Allan Wu.