Saturday night.8.00pm.

I had just come home.

Exhausted, after a long day, I threw my car keys on the table.

“There’s no dinner!”, I yelled from downstairs.

All I heard was the TV blasting at 150 decibels, way past the threshold of pain.

“I’m not cooking! I’m too tired!”, I yelled again to get his attention.

Still no response. He was definitely engrossed in the football game.

I crawled upstairs. “There’s no food”, I said. Then in a moment of weakness, a wave of compassion hit me. “I’ll take you out for dinner. My treat.”

That last remark got The Bald Eagle’s attention. “I’ll have to be back by 9.55pm. Liverpool’s playing”, he said.

“Sure!”, I replied. Dinner at the nearby mamak stall wouldn’t take long. “Let’s go now.”

As I was driving out of Bukit Jelutong, I casually asked The Bald Eagle to decide where to eat.

“Vintry”, he said.

“Vintry? In Damansara Heights??”, I asked incredulously. “But we’re not even properly dressed to eat anywhere other than at a mamak stall!”

I was dressed in the same rags that I was wearing the whole day, while he was in board shorts and T-shirt.

“It’s okay. It’s a neighbourhood restaurant anyway”, came his smug reply.


I obliged because I was still feeling guilty about not providing food on the table.

cabernet sauvignon
Fifteen minutes later, we were parked in front of Vintry. We turned up with no reservations, and were shown to the only available table. I love the dark shadowy ambience at Vintry with a few lamps placed in strategic spots to enable people to see their food. It was so dark that no one could see how sorry looking we were.

I had been on a food crawl with a few bloggers (WMW, Precious Pea and Boo_licious) earlier in the day, and was stuffed after eating 1/4 duck with a plate of rice, ice cream and some fancy drink and char siew after that. And that was after eating curry chee cheong fun for breakfast. So understandably, I wanted something light for dinner.

pork burger 2
The spirit was willing but the flesh was certainly weak. Unlike The Bald Eagle, who exercised restraint by ordering a plate of Korean fried noodles, I gave in to my desires and ordered a pork burger with blue cheese. The burger was huge! The thick patty, sitting on a bed of lettuce, was made with ground pork meat that was really delicious, and it was topped with a piquant blue cheese dressing that enhanced the flavour of the pork. They went so well together. A solitary slice of overfried bacon was thrown in, almost like an afterthought, which I thought the burger could have done without. Raw sliced onions completed the picture. All these were sandwiched in between toasted buns scattered with sesame seeds.

korean noodles
The Bald Eagle’s Korean fried noodles with caramelised roasted pork looked very much like a plate of instant noodles (maggi goreng). The noodles were, nevertheless, springy, and the star attraction in that dish was the roast pork, fried with soy sauce until caramelised, and served on top of the noodles.

board games
It was a very satisfying meal and a nice end to a hectic day. We made it back on time to watch Liverpool play. And he footed the bill. Sweet.

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