nasi lemak

I had breakfast with a hot sweaty stud today.

It was one of those days that started off on a bad note. I had just settled my final car instalment payment, and as Murphy’s Law always dictates, something must go wrong. In my case, it was a case of a few broken belts. Now, I can’t imagine how I could have broken several belts in my engine at one go, but I’m no mechanic, and I can certainly recognise a damaged car when I see one.

My poor car has been terribly abused over the years. I can hear the shouts of Amen from those who know me well. My friends say that my AAM (Automobile Association of Malaysia) membership has been well utilised. I can’t argue with that. You name it, I’ve done it. From towing to tyre punctures to battery replacements. All for just RM60 a year. That’s good value.

So to cut a long story short, I got my car fixed this morning.

And the hot sweaty stud joined me for breakfast after that.

The hot sweaty stud recommended Village Park for nasi lemak. Even lit bloggers know where to find good food.

I was quite amazed at the popularity of this restaurant. At 10.30am, this restaurant was packed to the brim with tables spilling outside onto the road. And despite the blazing heat, people were enjoying their plates of nasi lemak with steaming cups of coffee. I knew that I had stumbled upon a jewel in Damansara Uptown.

nasi lemak

The hot sweaty stud ordered nasi lemak with fried chicken. The rice was rich with coconut milk while the sambal, despite looking rather sweet, was actually quite spicy. Then again, the word spicy can be rather subjective. I have a lower tolerance towards chilli and have been known to use up an entire packet of tissue paper to wipe off tears and sweat when I eat hot food. The hot sweaty stud, however, thought that it was just nice, i.e. not too pedas. What I loved most about the nasi lemak was the crispy fried chicken that was served with it. I normally do not order fried chicken with nasi lemak as the chicken can sometimes turn out a little too dry. I was proven wrong. One bite, and I knew that the fried chicken served here would be a popular order. Succulent, tender and moist. Mmmmm. Absolutely delectable.

nasi kunyit

Nasi kunyit is made of glutinous rice steamed with thick coconut milk and turmeric, giving it a rich yellow colour. This cholestrol laden dish is normally served with thick chicken curry. It was such a treat for me to eat this.

A good meal is not always about good food. The hot sweaty stud made great company, with conversations (translated: gossip) ranging from headhunting to Paris Hilton to blogging for dummies to George Bush to the loser actor whose name he couldn’t remember. At least he helped me forget, just for that moment, how I had to fork out RM120 to replace a bunch of broken belts in my car engine.

Why “hot” “sweaty” and “stud”?

– there was no airconditioning at his bodybalance class.

– he was perspiring profusely, his T-shirt drenched in sweat.


Stud – well, two out of three ain’t so bad.





Nah. He’s absolutely adorable.


Village Park Restaurant (halal)

5, Jalan SS21/37, Damansara Utama,

47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Tel: 03-7710 7860.

Opening hours: 7.00am – 9.00pm daily.