I’m fraught with guilt at the thought of blogging about food at a time like this.  Freedom of expression has taken a completely new meaning in our country.  My friend, Joan, quoted this passage in her article in The Malaysian Insider, and I’ve taken the liberty to reproduce the passage here:

“Hell is a world gone mad where we do not understand our neighbours; where politicians can declare crusades and holy wars against an idea…

“The way out of hell is love.  Love is the recognition of the Other; the acknowledgement that the person before us is a fellow human being whose life is an abundant store of emotions, feelings, memories of hope and loss, tears, smiles, laughter.  Love is the prerequisite of communication, even when that communication is difficult and one is not always understood.  But love dictates that we need to understand, or at least make the effort to understand; and not to demonise, to scapegoat, to sully, to abuse.  Love is the thing that stops the finger as it presses on the trigger; it is the thing that stills the hand before it reaches for the knife.” – “Qu’ran and Cricket” Written by Dr Farish A. Noor in 2007.

I really need to get the book.  For now, I’m blocking every other thought from my mind as my prose dwells on sustenance of a different kind.



Sustenance, not for every soul, but definitely for mine.  Hor fun tossed in dark sauce, an enticing agglomeration of lard and minced pork.

Picnik collage

Soup, a melange of minced and sliced pork, pork innards, squid, prawns and a whole egg (poached in the soup).  The ingredients flavour the soup and make it sweet.  There is only a bare hint of MSG.


Crispy lard makes a world of difference.  Recommended, only if you are able to ignore the grime on the floor.

Restoran Makanan Sun Sea
(Opposite OUG Wet Market)
Jalan Hujan Rahmat
Taman OUG, KL

Closed Wednesdays.