I feel a pimple erupting like Krakatoa (Eyjafjallajokull is so last week already) on my face, and it bothers me.   Why I’m so affected, I have no idea, because ten pimples could embed themselves on my face and they would still blend in with my leathery middle-aged skin.  It’s like going to the gym, isn’t it?   When you’re 300lbs overweight, there is less motivation to go to the gym because a 10lb weight loss would make you 390lbs and you’d still be waddling with layers of fat.   If only I could slice off a few layers and stir fry some kailan in the lustrous fat.  Ah, one can only dream.

And talking about being 300lbs overweight, I last wrote a birthday limerick for my dear friend, Fatboybakes in 2008. When Ciki wrote a cute limerick on Sek Yuen today, Fatboybakes immediately glared at me (or at least, it was the MSN version of glaring) and asked me why I didn’t write him one in 2009.   It’s 2010, and it’s a brand new year with brand new feelings and emotions, and I’ve decided to write this, off the cuff, for my dear friend Fatboybakes (aka Tangechi) who is a constant inspiration to me:

There was a fat boy called Tangechi
Who wanted to throw a pool party
He plotted and schemed
And even daydreamed
For his parents to go on a journey

“One week of freedom and bliss!
Thamby, I could give you a kiss!
Call in the troops
And bring in the booze
It’ll be a party you don’t wanna miss!

“I’ll bake you some scones and some cake
And splash in some rum that’s not fake
I won’t break a fart
While I make a tart
It’ll be a party that’s fit for a sheikh!

“Macarons will be aplenty
As long as you show me your belly
Wear a cute li’l bikini
Just don’t be bushy
I swear I’ll faint quite unchastely.

“No water, just single malt whiskey
No bikinis, unless you look like Twiggy
It’ll be hot like a suttee
All the better that you’re sweaty
I can’t wait for this party, my Thamby!”

A pool party is never without tea time treats, and what comes to mind is Tasty Kuih Nyonya (if Fatboybakes decides to break a fart while baking the tart).  Located in Southern Park, Klang where I spent my childhood days, the shoplot has a simple front that belies the variety of kuih that is industriously and laboriously made by the little old ladies within.  From little balls of pleasure (ondeh-ondeh) bursting with sweet, fragrant gula melaka filling to toothless pleasures (kuih koci – toothless because I remember some childhood pantun about some nenek kebayan eating kuih koci), sticky pieces of dough made with glutinous rice flour and filled with sweet coconut, savoury pulut panggang barbequed in banana leaves and little pink fluffy steamed huat kueh with the fragrant smell of coconut milk, they’re all sugar and spice and everything nice, that’s what little tangechis are made of…..

Tasty Kuih Nyonya
No. 80, Jalan Rengas
Southern Park
41200 Klang, Selangor.

Tel/Fax: 03-3371 2845, Mobilephone: 012-629 8858

Closed Sundays.  Open after 1pm.


Kuih Koci

Pulut Panggang

Huat Kueh