Sid’s Pub


The Malaysian mentality of keeping up with the Joneses goes beyond showing off material goods.  Now we’re even comparing illnesses.  Don’t believe me?  Try telling someone you’re ill.

“I’m ill.  I’ve been throwing up and have had high fever for four days.  I’m miserable.”

“Poor dear,” she says, and for a moment, you think that the world’s good and you will get the sympathy you deserve.  Hah.   It is a brief second before she continues, “Well, I have been coughing so much lately and my mother-in-law has given me this herbal remedy but I don’t think it works on me but I’m hanging on, dear, because I am surrounded by love and my husband and my children who are nursing me back to health because this cough is so terrible that it happens once every three hours and I can’t go to work and if you think you’re bad, I’m worse.”

There, she said it.  What she means is, “Listen missy, if you think you’re sick, I’m sicker.  Nyeh nyeh nyeh.”

Okay, I get it.

But true friends, people, true friends are the ones who make life worth living:

Day 1

SMS from FBB (blogger extraordinaire):  Thamby*, dead ah?

(* term of endearment for My Goddess)

Day 2

FBB:  Thamby, dead ah?

Day 3

FBB:  Thamby, dead ah?

30 minutes later…..

FBB:  So got lose weight ah?

Day 4

FBB:  So, dead yet?

FBB:  Glad to hear u not dead.  Busy weekend, no time for wakes.


I’ve been out of action for a bit, and am still on the road to recovery.  I apologize if you haven’t seen me online for the past week or so.  It is really hard to look at food blogs when one keeps throwing up what one eats.  I spent a miserable week at home wishing that I had more chick-lit instead of books like My Name is Red by Orhan Pamuk which starts with “I am a corpse”.  Someone kill me.  Choice No. 2 – Shame by Salman Rushdie.  Choice No. 3 – a Murakami book, can’t remember the name.  Choice No. 4 – the daily newspapers.  Thank God for the IKEA catalogue.


Feeling a little less woozy yesterday, I headed to the nearest pub with the husband.  Nice english looking pub called Sid’s with lots of memorabilia on the walls, chairs which had seen better upholstery in its heyday (about a year ago) and a bartender with a fine english accent.  Almost made me want to spout poetry.

Lamb Kashmiri (RM25)

The food’s typical english pub grub (think toad-in-the-hole) with lots of reference to Sid. Or Sid’s uncle. Or something like that. Despite the rather plain presentation, the taste makes up for it. Lamb kashmiri is cooked with tender pieces of meat and lots of cashew nuts and raisins to tone down the spiciness of this dish making it a rather appetising one.

Pork Vindaloo (RM26)

Notice how the two dishes sort of look alike? I wasn’t kidding about the presentation bit.  But taste it and the difference is apparent.  Vindaloo is not common here in Malaysia as it is a Goan (from Goa) dish.  With roots in Portuguese cuisine, this dish has a stark sourness that is also the trademark of a portuguese devil curry, but is far spicier and enough to burn a hole right through the stomach to Port Dickson.  The lean pork was a bit too stringy for my liking, and I preferred the potatoes in the dish.

Blue Cheese Mushrooms (RM14)

I loved the sauteed button mushrooms in garlic and cream and blue cheese. The cream toned down the pungency of the cheese, but enough of the flavour came through.  The sauce is thick and gooey and sinful. I’d think that this dish would be perfect with a pint.

A pint of Guinness

And speaking of a pint, at RM17 each, a pretty good deal to complete a totally numbing experience. Apparently, they’re having some all day happy hours deal right now.  Go check it out.  I love love love this pub.

Sid’s Pub
No 34, Lorong Rahim Kajai 14
Taman Tun Dr. Ismail
60000 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03-7727 7437