If Singapore ever appoints a Food Ambassador, Dr Leslie Tay of ieatishootipost is a good candidate.   From the moment I met him, I wanted to fall on my feet and call him Your Highness, because he is the kind of man who commands such respect.   When we first met at the Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards in Singapore last month, he told me, “I’m going to a Prawn Noodles stall tomorrow afternoon.  They serve the best Prawn Noodles in Singapore.  The broth is like…is like….*smacking lips*…lobster bisque! *wide grin* Would you like to join me and my wife?”   Music to my ears.   Of course, I said the only politically correct thing a Malaysian would say to a Singaporean lor.  “Sounds good, but I’ll have to think about it. I’ll call you.”  (Must tarik harga a bit)  Deep down, I was making plans to cancel ALL Nuffnang organised activities to make it to this highly tempting lunch.   I have no shame.


I had already taken a great liking to Dr Tay and his lovely wife.   When we met the next afternoon, he even pulled out his trump card.   Two beautiful, well-behaved children. *melt* At this point, I was prepared to offer myself as their Godmother.  Again, I have no shame.


True enough, Dr Tay was not wrong about the Prawn Noodles.   The broth was extremely good – there was something so pure about it (I learnt later from the owner, a kindly old man with a warm smile, that he used only prawn head and shells and some secret ingredients to make the broth. No pork bones).  The broth was delicate and sweet, a flavour so beautiful that one has to close one’s eyes and block out all distractions while savouring it.   The large prawns were very fresh.   Understandably so, considering that the owner sources the seafood from his son-in-law who works at Tekka Market.  The noodles were served, dry style, on the side.   Needless to say, I finished everything and declared, “Hmmmm, Singapore food not bad oso, hor.”  (Translated: Best damn prawn noodles I’ve ever had, but I’m not admitting this to a Singaporean.)

Wah Kee Prawn Noodles
Blk 41A Cambridge Road Hawker Centre (Pek Kio) #01-15

Tel: +65-96883633

Opening hours: 7.30am to 2pm (Closed on Mondays)

Note: I love Singapore and Singaporeans lah.   Above story embellished with Malaysian flavour that can’t be found in sanitary Singapore.

Thank you, Dr Tay and family for your wonderful hospitality.  I will be back.